10 Ways We Add Value To Your Print Budget

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April 25, 2013
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10 Ways We Add Value To Your Print Budget

10 Ways We Add Value To Your Print Budget

When working with PrintTeam we work hard to ensure ongoing value for you. Managing all print work through our online Estimating and Job Workflow system, the system enables real-time quotations from our panel of print partners making sure we select the right partner for the job.

We will benchmark and receive the most competitive pricing for you from the marketplace. PrintTeam has contracts with all of our print suppliers which include material and labour rates, reviewed annually to further ensure competitiveness.

In addition to challenging our own supply chain to reduce cost, we ensure price competitiveness through other means:

  1. Re-engineering products or standardising print materials
  2. Leveraging economies of scale by bulk printing
  3. Using our own logistics infrastructure to eradicate delivery costs
  4. Optimising stock levels to reduce obsolescence
  5. Use of different substrates to reduce cost of goods
  6. Reducing administration time by dealing with just one supplier
  7. Providing effective management information
  8. Improved cash flow by paying for stock on call off
  9. Monthly reporting with recommendations for optimum ordering/stock
  10. Industry expertise and flexible approach, ensuring workable solutions

In addition, comprehensive staff training ensures that you receive a consistent approach from an informed team. Our specialists are backed by a dedicated print procurement team and four print customer services centres; our sales team attends our annual Print Academy training while all customer support advisors receive British Print Industry Federation Customer Service Training.

We are the seventh largest print management company in the UK with a £26m turnover.
PrintTeam have 9 specialists, 30 customer service advisors, preferred print partners and our own
internal production units that cover both offset and digital print.

Visit www.otprintteam.co.uk to find out more about our range of print management services. 

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