Hotseat Profile: Trevor Weldon, PrintTeam’s New Sales Director

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April 25, 2013
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Hotseat Profile: Trevor Weldon, PrintTeam’s New Sales Director


Our customers often comment on our friendly and personable approach, and we certainly believe that great people make a great business. Each month we profile people from around our organisation to find out who they are and what makes them tick. In the spotlight this month it’s Trevor Weldon, PrintTeam’s new Sales Director.

Q1. How long have you worked for OfficeTeam? If you’re new to the business, where did you work previously?
I started at PrintTeam in August 2012, and the months have flown by surprisingly quickly. I came on board to help to drive sales and accelerate growth in the print area of the business, and am relishing the opportunity. I have a long history in print management, over 25 years now I think! Previously I have worked for Communisis PLC and Paragon Europe, among others.

Q2. Tell us about your day-to-day job. What does your role involve?
Most days are different to the previous one! Presenting to and meeting customers as often as possible is coupled with working closely with my team members. I regularly meet with suppliers to ensure that I am abreast of any recent innovative and creative developments in the supply chain is also a critical task.

Q3. What do you enjoy most about your job?
Working with PrintTeam members who share a similar passion and enthusiasm for our vision – which is that our customers choose us as their “Print partner of choice”. The people that I’ve met have been warm, welcoming and helpful and it’s great to see how some close working relationships are delivering exceptional results.

Q4. Tell us something we don’t know about you…
I’m fascinated by The Roman Empire, and in particular the Republican Period. It fascinates me for many reasons, primarily the Period of Transition, which was an incredible time which actually shaped a great deal of the modern day world.

Q5. How would your colleagues describe you?
Enthusiastic, relentless and supportive?

Q6. Which OfficeTeam value do you most identify with and why?
Positive. I have witnessed many fantastic step changes in sales performances delivered when an individual or team have a relentless positive attitude.

Q7. What’s your proudest achievement?
Work-wise to lead the successful bid for Government’s first pan-governmental Outsourced Print Management Contract for DEFRA. It was the first ever outsourced print and communications contract for them, and so very rewarding to secure after the commitment and effort that went in.

Q8. What’s your ambition?
Well of course to make the PrintTeam vision a reality for all customers. And personally to run 10k in 38 minutes… I’m 47 seconds off!

Q9. What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
Running, reading, dog walking and watching football (supporting Liverpool, the most successful British team in Europe ever!).

Q10. If you were CEO… what would you do?
I would develop an instant print pricing tool. Recent surveys highlight that if you can provide pricing in response to a customer’s pricing request or enquiry within four hours, you are 80% more likely to secure the order. We live in a ‘want it now’ age, and we must find a way to translate the instant home shopping experience to the business environment.

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