Not Just For The Movies: Why You Should Consider CGI In Your Next Marketing Campaign

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August 25, 2016
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Not Just For The Movies: Why You Should Consider CGI In Your Next Marketing Campaign

Not Just For The Movies: Why You Should Consider CGI In Your Next Marketing Campaign

From epic explosions and ferocious monsters to tigers and porcelain teapots, computer generated imagery has become one of Hollywood’s most indispensable storytelling tools after first emerging in the late 1970s. Nonetheless, the technology is not limited to big summer blockbusters with many advertisers using CGI in TV, video display and print advertising to sell everything from face creams to family cars.

Using various methods including using algorithms to create non-regular geometric shapes, 3D modelling and pixel-based editing, CGI offers the opportunity to create both still and animated visual content.

With its glossy feel and seeming sophistication, you could be easily fooled into believing that CGI is reserved for the likes of Disney, Coca Cola and similar big-name brands, but the truth is that CGI can be an efficient and cost effective tool for marketers, allowing you to create your very own ‘blockbuster’ campaigns.

Photography vs CGI

When it comes to showcasing your latest product, a professional photoshoot is often required to ensure you get some great images of your finished product that can be Photoshopped into a range of adverts. While effective, this method doesn’t come without risk. Unsatisfactory images or late alterations to your product design can lead to images being scrapped and reshot, busting your budget and potentially subjecting your campaign to lengthy delays.

CGI eliminates the need to hire expensive camera equipment, set pieces and specialist crews as well as the need to spend endless hours on shoots. Using 3D modelling, your product can be captured from any angle and edited in a variety of colours, giving you the time and flexibility to achieve the perfect look. CGI can be easily inserted into a number of media formats including video, TV and print. In addition, the ease with which CGI content can be altered means that if your product or concept undergoes a slight design change last minute, there’s no need to sweat over costly reshoots and wasted work. Similarly, when new iterations of your product come to market, or if you’re looking to launch your product in new markets, you can quickly and inexpensively amend your existing images rather than create a new suite of visual content for every campaign.

Virtual perfection

With CGI, you can rest assured your content will deliver the wow factor every time. While early CGI visuals were poor quality, advancements in the technology in recent years mean that it’s now possible to create photorealistic visuals that are so authentic it can be difficult to differentiate from the real thing.

While photography may be the cheaper option for showcasing a large number of products, CGI offers numerous benefits for a big campaign launch. If you’re launching a new product with a high impact campaign, CGI offers you the opportunity to take complete control of how your product is presented. With the ability to achieve camera angles that would be impossible with a real camera lens, as well as making use of lighting and texturing effects, you can ensure your product’s best features pop.

Comparethemarket’s much-loved Aleksandr Orlov offers an example of how CGI can be used to create memorable marketing campaigns that forge connections with audiences

However, CGI capability extends far beyond producing flawless static images. With CGI, your imagination is the only limit to your campaign as the technology can be used to create content for a variety of media formats, including animations, videos, apps and even virtual reality. This wide offering opens up numerous opportunities for marketers to truly create entertaining and immersive campaigns.

More than a promotional tool

In addition to providing amazing visual content for marketing campaigns, CGI is a valuable tool that can be used to take ideas from sketch to finished product. Allowing your product to come to life, CGI can be a huge help in visualising your product and developing alternative iterations during the design phase. CGI can also be hugely beneficial during communication with manufacturers as well as conveying exactly what your product will look like and how it will be used to help you create a buzz before your product even hits production.

While CGI won’t be a viable option for all marketing campaigns, its capabilities do offer marketers numerous opportunities to develop market-leading products and present campaigns that pack a powerful punch without blowing your budget.

If you are interested in using CGI in your marketing campaigns, or would like further information, please contact one of our team.

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