Intelligent Stock Management

Improve cash flow with proactive stock management and financed stock

Through effective stock management we can reduce your costs significantly, by forecasting demand whilst minimising waste and obsolescence. We will work with you to identify 3 to 6 months’ usage on each product, and then print, store and stock-manage products, free of any storage charges.

We run daily order reports and when a stock item reaches its pre-agreed re-order level, we review the usage on the product and ensure the most cost effective amounts are replenished. This helps you to free up working capital and manage your cash flow, as we finance 3 months’ stock to be paid for on call off.

Weekly stock reports detail all stock lines, current stock levels, the last 6 months’ usage, the value of slow moving stock and any items requiring stock replenishment. Through analysis of this information we can predict usage trends and seasonal peaks and ensure that business critical stock is always available.

Straightforward storage and delivery

As part of our service, PrintTeam will store and manage all of your print stock in our secure warehouses. With the use of intelligent stock control systems all product movements are monitored, and set to pre-agreed stocking and re-order levels. This allows us to manage your stock seamlessly and guarantees continuity of supply.

Utilising our stock management service allows you to:

  • Cut the working capital tied up in excess print stocks
  • Reduce overheads, by freeing up valuable space in your offices
  • Remove additional distribution costs, by using our delivery vehicles